We’ve been baking for as long as we can remember.  Laura (mom) since the ’50s, and Lisa (daughter) since the ’70s.  We are almost always asked to bring cookies to family gatherings and celebrations.  We have tried making some doozies, like the time Laura attempted a sardine cookie with olive oil for her Italian mom.  The goal was to get her mom to like sardines (thinking outside the box!).  Needless to say, it didn’t work, and neither of us has ever made another cookie with fish. Mostly, though, we make big and flavorful cookies that please so many.  If they make it to the oven, that is, because who doesn’t like to lick the gooey batter from the beaters.  or dig in with a big spoon.  And that’s where our raw cookie dough was born!  We are always experimenting with new combinations of dough and cookies, so you never know what you might find!  Some of our best testers are our children and grandchildren.

Lisa is a mom to two of those little guys. While in high school and college, she worked as a barista and developed a long love of coffee.  When she graduated with her degree in engineering and working for a local engineering firm, her coffee cup was never far from her reach.  But her heart was with her children, so when the opportunity arose to build her own business with her mom and business partner Laura, she went for it.  Lock, stock, and cookie. That was a great solution for Laura, too, since, after more than twenty years of helping people with developmental disabilities take charge and empower their own lives, it was time for Laura to do the same with hers.  It was a match, and the timing was right.

So this is how brewed. was born.  Out of love for family, coffee, cookies, and dough. There is no doubt that this could have never happened without the love and support of so many, but especially our family.  Their astonishing belief in our vision and their hard work in helping to build something out of nothing will always hold a special kind of gratitude from us.