What Customers Say

Mindy H

We love Brewed.!! Best coffee in town. Family owned and cookies baked with love. 

Jennifer E. 

Brewed is awesome. Their coffee is really good, and if you've always wanted to eat a small bowl of

cookie dough with sprinkles -- you are in luck. It is awesome to have a local owned coffee shop -

especially on the west side of town.

Brenna T

Best coffee house in all of Napa County. The Staff is the friendliest and are great at recommending

any of their many many drinks.

My favorite by far is the Iced Cinnamon Brown Sugar Latte. And of course their cookies are to die

for. I am patiently(excitedly) waiting for the Smore’s Dough to be available.

Natalie A

I love the people who work here, the atmosphere and the cookies/tea/coffee. Everything gets an


Cathy F

Tried this for the first time. Had their Caramel latte freeze and it was amazing!! Their chocolate chip

cookies are huge and so good! Told my hubby about it and he went and got some too! This will be

our new coffee spot & it’s close to home. 

Susan F 

The staff was very friendly and accommodating. The drinks were fantastic (and I am picky), the

cookies delicious, and the cookie dough..............YUM!! A great experience we had and we will be

return customers!!

Amy C 

The white chocolate mocha is AMAZING - better than the chain coffee shops by far! The cookies are

gigantic and very tasty. The staff was very nice and even though there was a decently sized line

when I arrived, everyone was served quickly. Brewed is my new favorite coffee shop!!

Amber P 

Cookies and coffee are amazing. You can not beat the ambiance

Cassie D 

A cookie dough bar?!? Are you kidding me?!? And so beautifully designed inside. The atmosphere is

fabulous. Going back again and again and again.

Kate H 

Great local coffee shop!! Amazing cookie dough and cold brew delish!! Love!!

Erick H 

Product is amazing and customer service is exceptional!

Michelle B 

LOVED our first visit today! We live out of area and made a special stop to check out this special

place. Coffee, cookies, edible cookie dough, smoothies — it’s ALL good! Laura and Lisa —

great job!!

Janine Nicole C 

They serve edible cookie dough which I sampled and it was delicious. Their soft baked cookies are

delicious as well. I recommend sharing them because those bad boys are huge!

Lucky L 

Great people and fantastic cookies and love the energy of the place.

Nikole B 

Apparently the word to describe these folks is "amazing", so we'll stick with that! Friendly staff,

classy space, outside seating, my new favorite Raspberry Mocha and, um, cookie dough?! Hellooo!!!

Needless to say, super stoked they popped up so close to my neighborhood and hope they stick

around for good!!! :)

Katie P 

The warm chocolate chip cookie I just had was by far the best cookie I’ve EVER had! This cookie will

change your life people! Go get it!

Elias H 

Great drinks. Awesome cookies and snacks made in house from scratch. Worth a visit.

Pamela R

I was there on Friday and enjoyed a delicious vanilla latte and cookies to share! It’s addicting yikes!

Ruth M

And Best cookies you can ever find.....

Terri R 


Kristi B 

Got a coffee and a macadamia nut cookie on Monday and both were the bomb. My daughter said it was

the best cookie she had ever eaten and my husband loved the 20oz. Breve Latte......really, really good!