• 100% Organic Dark Roast

    Our organic French roast is a blend that has been sourced from rainforests within the world's most important coffee-growing regions while helping to protect the harmony and biodiversity displayed in nature. Our full-bodied dark roast boasts sweet notes of caramel and a slight floral aroma making this beautiful blend complex and accessible. We invite you to share in a cup of this delicious and thoughtful blend.  
  • 100% Organic Espresso Roast

    Nestled high in the mountains, encircled by majestic hillsides and cloud forests, is one of the premier coffee growing regions of Nicaragua. Grown in this perfect microclimate and soil, our elegant espresso has subtle flavors of sweet apple and a soft nutty bouquet. Enjoy this lovely espresso blend day after day, cup after cup.  
  • 100% Organic Decaf Roast

    With its contrasting landscapes¬†and rich traditions, the hot and tropical climate of the highland mountains of Southern Mexico produces some of the world's most wonderful coffee beans. Our organic decaf coffee uses a proprietary, all-natural sparkling water process for decaffeination and provides for a gentle sweetness with earthy, spicy, and soft floral undertones. Enjoy your experience with a cup of our lovely decaf.  
  • 100% Organic Medium Roast

    These beautiful organic coffee beans were grown high on the mountain slopes of the Cordilleras of the Andes in Peru, under a perfect shade canopy from indigenous Peruvian trees. The beans have been roasted to produce a medium-bodied coffee which brings out a bright and sweet taste to your palate with delicate hints of nutmeg and citrus. We hope that you enjoy this clean and well-rounded cup of coffee.  


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